Things I Love About Being 19

There are a lot of things that are exciting about turning twenty. I will no longer be a teenager, I will be half way done with college, and most importantly, I’ll be that much closer to 21. As I’m approaching my last few days of being a “teen”, there are a lot of things I […]

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This is Vegas?

When my parents told me that we were moving from a small town in Ohio to Las Vegas, I honestly had no idea there was anything past the strip. After living in Vegas for over four years I have come to love this city, no matter how many times my friends claim to hate it. […]

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To the Love of My Life,

Are you even allowed to call someone the love of your life when you’re 19? I don’t know about my entire life, but he’s definitely the love of my “life” right now. He was also the love of my life at the age of 17 & 18, so here’s the correct title, “To the Love of […]

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Mom Jeans & Graffiti

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hiking in New Zealand, sipping coffee in Paris, swimming in Tahiti… my bucket list is overflowing with unchecked boxes next to foreign places.  A day doesn’t go by where I’m not looking at flight costs or scrolling through Pinterest for the perfect bathing suits for vacations that I’m not going […]

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